You Might Not Be as Good-Looking as You Think

RELEASE DATE: 28 October 2022

Victoria Benito (b. 1993, Madrid) is a young interdisciplinary composer whose work draws upon experimental, pop, classical and electronic sounds as well as film and visuals. Her work revolves around everydayness and reflects on her experience of the un-romantic and mundane aspects of life. As a performer, she plays synthesisers and MIDI keyboards and uses her voice to create eccentric, whimsical and dreamy sound worlds. Her work has been internationally performed by DecibelOrkest de EreprijsBCMG and Miller- Porfiris Duo.

The muse of You Might Not Be as Good-Looking as You Think is the sublime in Benito’s life experiences as she celebrates everyday victories while also lamenting oft-forgotten tragedies. The album has a sense of weightlessness with melodies floating along peacefully as daily life goes by, only to be picked up in bursts of joy evoking eccentric dance crowds. Curious listeners will find eclectic song forms, gorgeous sonorities and a wide variety of found and synthesised sounds that blend together to create an album that ranges from shiny and shimmering to rough and rich. The music is contemplative, refined by wit and irony, and contains a rare perspective on the vagaries of daily life. It will make you smile, laugh and perhaps even shed a tear.