7balcony is an experimental electronic music duo initiated by composer-performers Richard Stenton (Birmingham) and zach dawson (Shropshire). They compose non-fixed duration notated electronic music specifically designed for and performed by the duo. 7balcony has crafted an aesthetic embracing found material, lo-fi recorded samples, MIDI, and scored music specific to detuned vintage synthesisers, contained within references to historical periods, avant-garde music, and New and Experimental practice.

7balcony have performed on numerous occasions at Centrala Art Gallery’s Experimental Series 2021, AMOK at Artefact Gallery 2021, Thinking/Not Thinking Festival 2019, Supersonic Festival 2018, Birmingham Frontiers Festival 2018, Ideas of Noise Festival 2018, Eastside Projects, and Ten Arces of Sound Festival 2020 (Stirchley).